Idle Heroes Guide – the best characters, secrets and a few tips

Meet our first guide from the series guide Idle Heroes – the best characters, secrets and a few idle heroes tips and tricks. In this guide we will give some advice, share the secrets of their experience, to help you become a master in the game. Idle Heroes belongs to the genre of Idle-RPG, you can start to do some tasks in the game, exit it, and on the following day the task will be performed. Well, our advice will relate to a broad spectrum of different questions that arise in players.

Go through the company

Completing company, you will receive rewards for your characters. And indeed the game mechanics implies that you don’t need to be online to get these rewards for reaching certain goals.

Incidentally, you’ll even be able to set characters to auto-battle in battle, so that they have something to do while you are not present. In campaign mode you will finally be able to get a lot of new equipment and resources that will carry your heroes and be a raw material for upgrading.

Battles and quests are updated every day

Every day in Idle Heroes you will get new quests and battles. They will not take much of your time, but nevertheless will give good rewards and the opportunity to better understand their characters that will increase your efficiency.

So try to give them as much attention because of their simplicity.

Collect Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency in the game Idle Heroes, so save them for really important purchases. To get their complete daily quests and battle play in other modes and be an active player.

We recommend you to stash the diamonds and spend them for 10 Heroic Summons, because you really need good characters with 5 stars in the beginning of the game.

What characters to choose

So, first you have to be main characters up to 3 stars and are poor fighters. Your main goal will be to achieve what most of your characters will be a 4 star. It’s easy to do, if in turn to keep your best heroes in the back row, first to die weak. Oh and be sure to look at the power of the enemy, in order not to overestimate their own and not to lose the already gathered experience.