Cover Orange 2 Review

As a sequel to the critically claimed puzzle game Cover Orange in 2010, Cover Orange 2 comes to iOS with 120 delightful new puzzles, enhanced in-depth gameplay, and many more new challenging twists.

Cover Orange 2 delivers more captivating content than its original. It introduces more intricate puzzle mechanics such as trampolines, glass and spike-balls, requiring players to be more creative and intelligent to handle with these new puzzle elements across different epochs in the time travelling adventure. Moreover, the game features a brand new dressing room where you can customize your orange with different kinds of hats, glasses, and weapons, take photos for your personalized orange, and then share your unique design with your friends.

Gameplay in Cover Orange 2 still manages to stay true to the original, despite some new twists and features. Just as the title suggests, your task is to cover an orange, or sometimes multiple oranges, and protect them from the acid rain. To this end, you need to use all kinds of item available like crates, wheels, barrels, and stones to build a shelter to cover all Orange balls. When all of the items have been used, a rainy cloud moves across the screen with deadly continuous ball-like raindrops. If a single raindrop touches your orange ball, it will die, and you fail to complete the level.

It is seemingly an easy task, but soon you will find it is usually not so simple as dropping stuff directly onto the ground. You should be ingenious and considerate enough to predict the subsequent possible chain reactions that may cause the moving board to collapse, make the orange roll around, and detonate the bomb unexpectedly. Besides, as you progress, tasks become more and more challenging with ever increasing difficulties. Sometimes you need to be patient and try again and again to find the solution.

In addition to the exciting new features and addictive gameplay, the sequel also provides more detailed graphics and cartoon visuals. The oranges and all the animals in the game are endowed with animated expressions, such as the hilarious smiles after victory, and the despairing looks after failure. Besides, the budworm squirming in the grass, the butterfly flapping its wings, and the crow flying across with a letter in its mouth all constitute a vibrant world.

Cover Orange 2 creates a relaxing game world where you can enjoy the soft music and feel the vitality in nature. You can even hear the melodious chirping of birds in the song. Although the music is just as repetitive as most other games, it fits the scenes very well.

Overall, Cover Orange 2 is a satisfactory sequel of great playability. If you are a fan of puzzle games, Cover Orange 2 is a perfect time killer with enough highlights and replay value that can keep you hooked.