A+ Fruit Matching Review

A+ Fruit Matching is a match-three puzzler for iOS devices released by Shanghai Quyou Information Technology.

A fun and easy match-three game is always appreciated by players, and it seems that the developers can never get tired of renovate them into new ones. Simple yet addictive are the shared traits among all popular match-three games, and this one is no exception. In A+ Fruit Matching, there is no background storyline. Once you start the game, it’s time for swiping and matching together fruits.

The gameplay routinely follows the basic rules of all match-three games (Action Candy Mixer HD) that have been established since Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga became a hit. It is so easy that it even makes the tutorial a little bit redundant. By swiping, you switch the position of a fruit with the one adjacent to it and create a line of at least three similar fruits, thus to eliminate them and score points. By reaching the target score you will clear the stage and move on to the next level.

Matching four or more similar fruits earns you higher scores and will create special items with certain effects. For example, eliminating a four-fruit line will create the soda can, which, when eliminated, will create a jet of foam and eliminate a whole line of fruits across the screen. Eliminating a five-fruit line will get you the explosive hexahedron, which cannot be moved, but is capable of generating great power when blowing.

In A+ Fruit Matching, there are no gaming modes for your choice, or time limits to make you hurry. Instead, you have to clear a stage within a certain number of swipes. This unique innovation suggests it will be wiser to calculate and measure the possible aftermath before you make the move rather than simply swipe when possible and as fast as you can.

The difficulty increases when you move to higher levels as the fruit box will become irregularly shaped and makes some fruits in the corners hard to get. Also, as you progress, you will be required to not only score certain points but also complete certain tasks in order to complete a level, such as to remove all ice cubes in the box. If you fail to achieve the target score or complete the target quest within the set number of moves, you will fail the level.

The game monetizes by selling two types of currencies, gold and fresh fruit, both of which can be used in in-App purchases for boosters that are helpful to speed up the stage clearing. As you progress, more boosters will be unlocked and available in the in-game store.

The visual effects and sound effects in the game are of a usual casual and lively style, which, although do not stand out from its kind, are appropriate and becoming.

There are altogether 117 levels to complete. To complete a level or two will probably be a great way to fill in the time when you are not occupied. With the typical addictive gameplay common among all match-three games, it will keep you around and entertain you for quite some time.